Welcome to Trail it forward

As the name suggests, it is similar to the phrase “Pay it forward” which means to respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.

TRAIL IT FORWARD is a platform for raising money and other prizes (running related gear, apparel, vouchers, etc.) on a monthly basis and give that back to the trail running community in South Africa. By giving back we will fulfil our VISION of “Building and nourishing a South African trail running culture through kindness, selflessness, gratitude, joy and love”

This includes all stakeholders involved with trail running and similar sports (trail runners, supporters, family, race and event organisers, volunteers, manufacturers of gear and apparel, supplement companies, land owners, etc.) If we start giving selflessly then we all will benefit by building a culture that feeds and nourishes trail running and similar sports like adventure racing, obstacle racing, hiking, etc. that go hand in hand with trail running.

Why trail it forward?

Because we are human.
We love the outdoors and we love to run trails.

We constantly seek out, confront and aspire to conquer the highest mountains but we also have to carry our own.
Our strength and character is the sum of all our good habits.

We despise procrastination and laziness

Our wisdom is a result of all our hard work, failures, determination, understanding, patience and love
Our selflessness, gratitude and joy makes us stronger and healthier, both physically and physiologically. Adding  structure and stillness to our days so we can be accountable and give service.

Our limited time and fragile lives fuel our hopes and dreams.

The mountains care for none of these. To conquer our mountains we must work together and build a culture. A South African trail running culture. Alone we can each live our dreams on the slopes of our mountains but together we will share the summit!


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